Saturday, July 5, 2008

Exploring Beyond Your Comfort Zone

For some people simply maintaining a healthy balance is a life-times work. Their metaphorical table top is constantly at risk of toppling as first one leg then another threatens to give out.

For Explorers stability is only the prerequisite to adventure. Being in relative emotional, physical and social good health is like owning a shiny new automobile, exciting, but not something you want to just leave in the driveway to admire.

An automobile has a purpose just as good health has a purpose. The purpose of both is to move.

What you explore depends on your personality and your unique interests. For some exploration is an intellectual adventure, for others it is spiritual.

For most it has an physical dimension. A need to travel to distant places to meet unusual people to learn about different life styles.

Others explore politics, get involved with political parties and movements, put their strength into changing the world.

Explorers push back the frontiers of art, of medicine, of ideas, of science, of technology, of human relationships and human understanding.

They stand on that balanced table and reach for the stars!

Reach For the Stars!