Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Shootout--domestic animals

Patty and Reggie Girl pioneered the Friday Photo Shoot Out asking us to post photos of our local community every Friday. From a handful of participants it has grown into a world wide phenomenon with over 77 contributors and is now in the capable hands of Gordon, ChefE, Jen and GingerV.

This week's theme, chosen by Sandy, is DOMESTIC ANIMALS.

For a comprehensive list and how to join instructions, just click on the camera at bottom of my side panel.

Next weeks theme, suggested by Cindy, is MY FAVORITE PLACE TO _____________.

I live in Toronto, in the Scarborough area of Toronto, in the West Hill area of Scarborough. So West Hill will be the focus of my photos.


Let me introduce to you the domestic animals who are part of our extended family. It is hard to think about our families without including their animals.

My niece and nephew, Emily and Wesley, are champion riders, as was their mother Sherry. Emily has competed in Canada, the United States and South Africa. She will be taking part in trials in Vancouver this fall.

My brother Keith lost his dog at Christmas in 2008. Sully joined the family five months later. Sully is lovable and active. By far his favourite activity is eating. Or running. Or panting. Or getting his tummy rubbed.

Well, one of those.

This was our first introduction to Sully, when he was still living with his mother brother and sisters. Sully is second from the left. Or was he the furthest on the right. Well, he is one of those puppies.

My brother John has moved on from owning dogs to owning parrots. Please meet Lola, a Sun Conure Parrot, now just over a year old. Lola is very affectionate and is just learning to talk.

Here is a little video about Lola:

Last, but not least, this domestic animal needs no introduction and is a member of our own household. Although it is getting hard to find a photo of her you haven't seen before. At least Lindsay dressed up for the occasion today.


NOTE: I will post the outcome of my meetings with the surgeon (yesterday) and the medical oncologist (this morning) on Saturday. Linda and I are in the midst of contacting family members to update them with the findings of the biopsy, not wanting them to stumble on those by reading the about them in my blog. Some things in life are still just better done in person.