Monday, September 21, 2009

What Do You Do For An Encore?

Q What do you do for an encore?

Barry What?

Q Now that you've told everyone you're dying, what do you do for an encore?

Barry Who are you?

Q I mean, look at you. What are you doing right now?

Barry I'm sitting in the comfortable lazy-boy Linda brought for me, listening to some quiet music, drinking a cup of tea and wondering what to have for breakfast.

Q Exactly. Kind of anti-climatic don't you think. Sort of like in the movies where the hero gets shot and makes this pitiful "I'm, dying" speech and then doesn't. Embarrassing. All these people out there traumatized and you sitting here drinking tea and wondering what to have for breakfast.

Barry But I am dying. That's what the hospital tests showed.

Q Ya sure, but not for years. And who knows what might happen in all that time. Heck, we might be stuck with you forever.

Barry Say, who are you? And how did you get in here?

Q Why I think you owe people an apology for upsetting them so much.

Barry You know you sound very much like Mark Cowell's Bagman.

Q Nonsense! I'm your conscience, here to haunt you for all the pain you've been causing people. Would you like me to say that again in my scary voice?

Barry You are, you're Bagman! How did you get here from Mark's blog?

Q You're trying to avoid my question. Besides, Mark doesn't have a Butler and Bagman blog anymore. He changed the name. Wiped me out of existence.

Barry Yes, but it's only temporary. He'll be going back to calling it Butler and Bagman once his reunion is over. In fact he could have changed it back to Butler and Bagman already, while you were gone.

Q (sniff) He...he will? He might have? Already?

Barry Yes he will. You've got nothing to worry about. Silly Bagman. Now, off you go back to your own blog. Mark will be worried about you!

Q Alright, but before I go, can I ask you just one more question?

Barry Sure.

Q Is Linda as hot in real life as she is in her photos?

Barry Arrrrrrugh!

Q OK I'm leaving. Remember Talk Like A Pirate Day was last Saturday! I'm out of here!