Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barry's Memorial Service

We held a memorial service for Barry yesterday, Friday and a visitation Thursday night. Over two hundred friends, colleagues and family members came to pay their last respects to Barry. My daughter Kathy, printed a copy of the blog I wrote to tell you about Barry's passing. The reason she did that was for the family. All of us were so touched by your blog comments. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt messages. People who came to the memorial were also touched by your comments to the blog. I cannot read them without crying. We placed the blog in the white binder on the table below.

Another bit of work from Kathy was to visit many of the tribute pages bloggers had posted in remembrance of Barry. Kathy posted those beautiful bits of writing on display boards for all to read. People were not surprised by the words you wrote from blogland but only commented on how accurate your perceptions were for people who had never met Barry in person.

Barry would have wanted your voices to be heard at his memorial. Your writing captured his spirit. Everyone at the funeral loved Barry and all admired his gift for reaching out to people's hearts. Everyone felt he left our world to early and no one was ready to say goodbye to him yet. Neither was I. But I did and we did and you did. Thank you all.

Tomorrow I will post one more blog on this page. After a few days, I will leave the blog up but disable the comments sometime next week. I will still be blogging at Living in the Eastern Woodlands.