Sunday, August 1, 2010

New beginnings....... the last post here.

When we lived in Powassan, four hours north of Toronto, we had many friends we still keep in touch with. Two special friends Barry and I love very much are Bonnie and Jim. When we lived down the street from Bonnie and Jim, we had our girls, Kathy and Heather. Bonnie and Jim wanted children too, so they adopted two girls. Barry still in social work back then, was doing placements of babies with Childrens' Aid.... and so he was instrumental in getting children for Bonnie and Jim. Like Kathy and Heather, Bonnie and Jim's daughters are all grown up now and starting lives of their own.

The youngest daughter has been pregnant this summer and Barry and I were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Bonnie and Jim's first grandchild. At the hospital Barry kept asking me if the baby had arrived yet. I kept telling him not yet. Well, the baby did arrive.... finally. Barry passed on at noon on July 20th and the baby arrived at 10 pm. that same day! She is a girl, Ayla. She weighed in at 8lbs. 3oz. I emailed congratulations to Bonnie and Jim on the birth of their first granddaughter! =D

I really feel like baby Ayla's arrival completes our circle of life in a very unique and unexpected way. I am very anxious to meet little Ayla... she is a very special arrival to our world indeed! If you are interested, and Ayla's mommy agrees, I will write a post about her on my blog at a future date. Barry would be very happy that this little baby's arrival was his last post....
if he had to have a last post. Goodbye dear blog friends... of this explorer.