Thursday, March 26, 2009

Immediately (Part 2) And Then Then News

Linda, of course, was already in the doctor's waiting room when I arrived 10 minutes early for my appointment.

"You'd be crazy to think I wouldn't be," she said, giving me a hug.

And then we suffered though two episodes of Trivial Pursuit the game show on the large flat screen TV while we waited for our turn with the doctor and the news that would change everything. I was certain what the news would be, after all, doctors never call you in immediately to give you good news.

The biopsy results revealed my ulcer is actually an esophageal cancer and I was being referred to Dr. Michael Chan, a thoracic surgeon. Treatment will be composed of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery.

Although the decision will be up to Dr. Chan, the likelihood is that I will be receiving all three.

Esophageal cancer is rare but one of the fastest growing forms of cancer world wide, especially among white males. It is also one of the most aggressive cancers with a 5 year survival rate of only 15%


My first appointment with Dr. Chan is on Monday afternoon.

So I have informed my work to be prepared for some very erratic attendance in the near future.

Linda called both our daughters when we got home to give them the news while I took Lindsay for a run to burn off some stress.

Usually Lindsay's walks are for her, this one was on me!