Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday My Town Shootout--Metal

Patty and Reggie Girl have organized the Friday Photo Shoot Out asking us to post photos of our local community every Friday. From a handful of participants it has grown into a world wide phenomenon. This week's theme, chosen by Audrey, is METAL.

There are links to many of the Friday Shoot Out participants from literally around the world at the bottom of my left panel. For a comprehensive list see Patty's blog. Maybe you'd like to join us as well and post photos of your community? Click here for everything you need to know to join the Friday Shootout Gang. Next weeks theme is still to be chosen.

I live in Toronto, in the Scarborough area of Toronto, in the West Hill area of Scarborough. So West Hill will be the focus of my photos.


I don't have much to contribute this week, only this one oddity that occurred to me at the last minute, inspired by this weeks metal theme.

My grandfather was a blacksmith, as was his father before him and his father before him, and this photo is the only one we have of him working at his forge.

Kind of a neat picture to have, I think.

For a more thoughtful post and an inspired twist on the theme, you might want to check out my wife's blog HERE