Sunday, June 14, 2009

OK This Really Doesn't Feel Good

I've been three days now without eating after two without drinking. The minute any thing hits my stomach it triggers a violent and repetitious reaction. I have medication to control nausea and a steroid to mimic a sense of wellness.

But they're not much good if you can't swallow them.

Then you just kind of hunker down and do a lot of whimpering.

Linda did manage to get both pills into me yesterday and I felt marginally better. Maybe today will carry that success forward so I'm fit for 5 days of radiation next week.

I'm kind of tired of sleeping. More than tired of whimpering. I miss blogging.

Today I need to put a concerted effort into taking my meds at the right time, eating and drinking more, moving more.

And being more congenial company for Linda.

And Lindsay.