Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lindsay's Guest Appearance

This is not a particularly well made video. It was made just prior to Linda's mothers sudden passing and five days before I started chemo and radiation therapy. Using only the built in mike, my voice is either whispering in the distance or yelling in your ear. There are some clumsy edits and some poorly aimed shots where the action takes place just out of the frame.

But I wanted to show it to you for a couple of reasons. One is to reassure you that I am physically fit, despite having two cancers and loosing about 30 pounds in wieght. Except at meal times I wouldn't know I was ill at all. Indeed, at this point, I think my cures are harder on me than the disease. Yesterday's first radiation therapy, under a weird Swiss army knife contraption with multiple rotating heads, was over in 30 minutes and produced no physical sensations whatsoever.

The second reason is to show off my new hobby, growing organic vegetables in an Earth Box. I will have to see if growing vegetables this way produces the yields shown in other YouTube videos. I will keep you posted on my progress in my first attempt at high tech, low maintainance, organic farming.

But what has this to do with Lindsay. After all this is Wednesday the day I do posts on my little black dog and her waggy tail. Well Lindsay makes a number of guest appearances in this video. Can you count them?

Here is the video: