Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dreams Of Lindsay

Lightning flashes and rain begins to thunder against the roof.

Lindsay comes scampering out of the dark of the back office, slows to a halt at the reassuring sight of Barry and Linda in the livingroom, and then walks at a more dignified pace over to the fireplace.

What, me scared by a little lightning, she seems to say.

At the fireplace she begins to walk in circles, scratching periodically at the carpet. Round and round she goes scratching the carpet into a more comfortable nest, before she flops to the floor with a window rattling thump.

Somehow, Lindsay has never mastered the art of the graceful recline, when she's ready to lay down she just drops.

A distant thunder roars and rumbles across the sky and the beat of the rain increases.

Lindsay closes her eyes and is asleep within seconds.

Barry watches her with amazement. She looks so comfortable. By now she has recognized an unfortunate change in her daily routine. No longer does Barry take her for runs, or even walks around the block. He is wrestling with a nauseating dizziness that has confined him to his chair and bed. A world swirling vertigo that shows no sign of let up or improvement.

So Lindsay has stopped reminding him that the time for her walk is overdue. She isn't happy about it, but she has come to accept it.

In her sleep, Lindsay has rolled over on her side and her legs and nose have begun to twitch. Barry notices her eyes moving rapidly back and forth. Lindsay is deep in a dream.

No longer before the fireplace, Lindsay runs the pathways of the meadow at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs. Everywhere she is enticed by fragrant scents that lead her off the path, deep into the bushes and tall grasses. Here the sun is always shining and a gentle winds ruffles the hair on her head and long floppy ears. She recalls her encounter with the coyote and the naked man, the grieving Hindi family and the fashion models. Her heart beats faster at the memories of running the beach at the bottom of the bluffs and watching a huge flock of seagulls take to the sky as she runs into the midst.

And then the telephone rings and Linda answers it. Lindsay reawakens to her place before the fire and the sound of the storm outside. She yawns and sighs and looks over at Barry, reading quietly in his chair.

Then closes her eyes once again and returns to sleep.


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