Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lindsay And The Earth Box Caper: A Verdict

Once Upon A Time, Barry brought an Earth Box. It was a pretty little contraption that would give him something other than his illness to think about. And it would eventually feed him wholesome organic vegetables, with minimal effort required.

And it was good.

But it was not to be.

An evil witch (as opposed to the good witches who visit this blog and leave kindly comments), cast a spell upon his efforts and within days his Earth Box was in tatters and his plants ripped asunder (Barry has always wanted to use the word "asunder")

Suspicion fell upon many a likely culprit including a squirrel, a cat, a raccoon and Lindsay Magoo. A feral black cat has been visiting the neighbourhood recently, yowling in the night and driving housebound Lindsay to distraction.

Raccoons have been attempting to raid Barry's compose bin and driving housebound Barry to distraction.

Squirrels have not been seen regularly.

In the end, after much pondering and soul searching (and administering a lie detector test to Lindsay) she was exonerated. She is far too pretty to have committed such a dastardly act.

Neighbours have righteously pointed the finger at the masked raccoons who have committed similar acts of wanton destruction upon their own gardens.

And so Lindsay is free at last to roam the vast spaces of Barry and Linda's back yard, free from suspicion.

And Barry rescued two of the plants and placed the Earth Box up on a table beside his deck where they have thrived and promise still to bear him the fruits of his labours.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Barry, Linda and Lindsay also want to wish all our Canadian Friends a Happy Canada Day 2009. I hope you enjoy this incredible version of our National Anthem from the CBC: