Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Power of a Mountain and the Meaning of Dreams

It has been a discouraging couple of weeks, as my recent "Mr. Grumpy-pants" post may have suggested.

I continue to have frequent vertigo which has confined me to either my chair or my bed. Either I am continuing to be dehydrated, (despite drinking copious liquids throughout the day) or the chemo/radiation treatments have caused some structural damage to my heart.

I prefer the dehydration option. But I'll soon have to undergo some tests to discover what exactly is going on.

In the meantime, I've received some gifts that have lifted my spirits and that I want to acknowledge.

Kathryn Magendre, author of Tender Graces, has sent me the power of her mountain. Of course she doesn't know if her mountain has actual healing power, but she has gathered some representative artifacts of the mountain, including her favourite rubbing stone. Linda was especially touched by the gift and purchased a box to house them. The now sit on the table beside my chair.

Nolly Posh has had her own brush with cancer which led her to the healing philosophy of Dr. Ian Grawler. A cancer survivor himself, he credits meditation and an anti-cancer diet for creating a cancer unfriendly environment within his body for his healing. She sent me a couple of his CDs and I have recently purchased a copy of his book from his website.

Artist and Psycholgist Jeanette Stgermain
has taken the trouble to do a more complete analysis of the dream I published a week or so ago. Although limited by not knowing more about me, I found her comments very insightful:

"First I'll have to say, "wow, wow, wow." It is not often that someone comes out with a dream like this. I'll give you a narrative for all the details. All the details make up the whole pic.

"As I said before on your blog, the Reformation was a time of great change, religiously as well as socially. Luther's view that the bible should be able to be read by the common folks had huge consequences. It meant the common people started learning to read and write. So, education became available to the masses, whereas before only the noblemen and clergy were able to read.
It's easy so continue the line...till now - a time of great change.

"The pageantry you saw played out before your eyes is every significant (and I'm jealous - not many people are given such perspective in their dreams).
The pageantry you saw are the 7 levels of society that are able to bring change.
1. Agriculture
2. Arts
3. Business
4. Education
5. religion
6. noblemen/governmental leaders
7. royalty/president/figurehead

"So, the change that your dream is telling you about, is as vast as in the time of the Reformation. That this whole thing is pulled by row boats, points to that this change is brought on by the works of men (in one of my blogs: row boats)

"The river is the river of life. The colors of your dream were common for that time.

"These were the details and it gives you a picture of the changes taking place then (in the Reformation) and now in society. It's a complete overhaul.

"Remember, the dream is for the dreamer. So it depends on how you see these things. And how you felt in the dream, and how you felt after. There is no question that this dream has significance for you personally. Also, because you can't forget about it! Your website tells me that you feel connected and place high value in your ancestry. I don't know enough of the Scottish history, how they all took these changes in the time of the Reformation.

"Another big part of your identity is your name. I know 2 other Barry's. They are both leaders, have organizational skills, are socially well-liked, and have a sense of humor. I know you do consulting, but I don't know shat kind of consulting and for what kind of firm. Your job may also have to do with your dream.

"Just brainstorming here, because I don't have all the puzzle pieces of you and your family:

"Maybe these changes have to do with your job and your unconscious is giving you heads up that things will change in the near future?
Has it happened to you that you "predicted" something would happen when you were consulting, and it did? Is this a warning dream - that you need to make changes, because your "whole" world is making changes, and you need to keep up with them?
Or is it, making changes on a broader scale, not just you and your wife?
Are these changes to be seen in light of what you're going through physically?"