Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Shootout--Relaxation

Patty and Reggie Girl pioneered the Friday Photo Shoot Out asking us to post photos of our local community every Friday. From a handful of participants it has grown into a world wide phenomenon with over 77 contributors. This week's theme, chosen by Spirit of Lena, is RELAXATION.

There are links to many of the Friday Shoot Out participants from literally around the world at the bottom of my right panel. For a comprehensive list and how to join in, see the Official Shootout Blog for more details.

Next weeks theme is INTERESTING SIGNS.

I live in Toronto, in the Scarborough area of Toronto, in the West Hill area of Scarborough. So West Hill will be the focus of my photos.

Being true to the theme, here we find myself relaxing on a bench at our local park

And here we find me relaxing on a bench in the forest. I appear to have lost a leg in this photo, but somehow, I continue to limp along without missing it.

Thespian that I am (or is it "ham"), here I can be found relaxing on the stage of the Greek Theatre.

I also discovered I can relax on the grounds of the Guild Inn.

And I can relax beside the Rouge River.

It appears I can relax anywhere. Lets just hope no one chooses Work as a theme!