Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Fate--According To Astrology

Given my current state of uncertainty in life, Pretty Rubble (aka Michele), a long time student of astrology, kindly caste my astrology chart. Unfortunately I had no idea what time of day I was born, so the chart includes a few informed guesses.

So what do you think, did she nail me or what? Here's what she had to say--

You know Barry...I think you just might be right about the 4-6am time frame for your birth. I programmed in 5am just to play it down the middle and I got your Rising Sign as Pisces. Your Rising Sign is your personality, the one you project to the world. For most of us, it's just the necessary, courteous, social mask we choose to wear. It might not be who we TRULY are DEEP inside. It's a defense shield for your Sun (ego) and Moon (emotions)

Another way to look at it is, it's your portal through which you see the world or the coloring the world takes. You see things through Pisces colored glasses...mystical, magical, filled with imaginative illusion and delusion at times, sometimes smoke and mirrors! Dreamy and transcendental and all that groovy stuff!

If you are indeed a Pisces Rising it would mean that you are spiritual, sensitive, devoted, creative, idealistic and compassionate.

Your Moon is definitely in Pisces! That indicates someone who is imaginative, mystical, psychic and empathetic (sound like you!?)

Your Sun is Aries (the born pioneer of the zodiac!) Impulsive, headstrong, candid, ambitious!

Your planet of communications and perceptiveness, Mercury was in Aries as well! (A little impatient are we...maybe more so in your youth?!) You are quick acting, decisive and you have a knack for thinking on your feet dontcha'!

Your planet of Love (Venus) was in Taurus...You like a lot of physical contact! and the creature comforts! You are peaceful, sympathetic and loyal! Ahh..

Your planet of Energy and Drive, Mars was in Aquarius...this makes you kinda' unconventional! You are original, complex and high spirited! (Can it also make you a bit contrary and rebellious?)

Did your Aries come out as a kid and young adult, giving you a brashness or a recklessness? Did it take time and maturity to ease into your more warm and fuzzy Pisces-ness? But I see now that you certainly DO have a very philosophical, mystical and metaphysical view point!

Oh and I couldn't help but notice at the top of your chart, in the house of have fiery, adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius! Look at him, the centaur, zinging off an arrow! See it?

Well guess what..YOU ARE the ARROW!! Look how you speed off to parts unknown and as you fly through the heavens you are pondering.."where am I going!?" "What is out there?!" "What is my purpose?!" I don't know what you do for a living but I hope it allowed you to express the gypsy in your soul..the philosopher in your soul and the student in your soul!

Did you teach in some context? Just curious!


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