Friday, April 23, 2010

FSO--Honouring The Trees

The Earth Day theme behind this week's Friday Shoot Out is Honouring The Trees.

I took my camera when Lindsay and I went for our morning run, yesterday, and shot photos of trees along the North Shore of Lake Ontario. The results of our efforts can be found on my Friday Shoot Out blog, along with links to other FSO members around the world.

But it was the presence of this large hawk that really caught my attention as he rode the thermals rising up the 90 metre bluffs from the Lake far below.

Late in the afternoon, I heard back from my Oncologist. My CT scan has been moved forward to next Wednesday and a bone scan has been booked for Monday May 3rd. I then have an appointment with the Oncologist to review the results on May 11th.

Now, almost getting lost among these dates, is my 40th Wedding Anniversary on May 2nd. Linda and I have booked a weekend away, that will now have to be cut short in order for me to be back in the City for the 3rd.

Health has to have priority but sometimes it acts like a bully.