Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I Can Do But You Cannot

Sadly, there is something I can do that is forbidden to you. A boundary I can cross, but you cannot.

Although I'm going to give you a peek beyond that boundary today. Because I like you.

My youngest daughter has a blog that is closed to all except her family and the members of her Home Schooling Group. Here she can post photos of her children without fear of them ending up in unusual places throughout the internet, or being used for unusual purposes.

Within the closed blog she has a freedom she wouldn't have otherwise.

The "sadness" I mentioned in the opening to this post comes from the fact that her posting are often both brilliant and delightful (I am only marginally being prejudiced here) and it feels a shame they cannot be more widely shared and enjoyed.

However, she occasionally posts content she finds on the internet that intrigues or informs or amuses her (and sometimes all three). Content that is free for us all to enjoy.

An example of this is what I wanted to share with you today. Since I can't send you to her site to see it, I can, at least, bring it here for you.

It is a brief introduction to the pentatonic scale and while that may not seem like the kind of thing that would simultaneously intrigue, inform and amuse you, chances are that it will.

Anyway you can let me know if it does.

On a more somber note, the pains in my back are continuing and have now spread to my sides making it difficult for me to do a lot. They have persisted for three weeks now and I have agreed, with Linda's encouragement, to see the doctor tomorrow.

Hopefully it is only the fall I had that has pulled a few muscles, but with cancer you can never know. And you can never be too careful.