Thursday, April 22, 2010



I spoke to my oncologist who agreed with my doctor.

The cluster of symptoms sounds like bone to her, not muscular pain.

But there is room for error. So tests must be done.

She has ordered a bone scan and is moving the date of my CT scan forward. Once she has the results of those, then she will know. And once she knows, she can plan what to do.

In the meantime I am to try not to worry.

Which I discover is easier to do when taking Tylenol with codeine because my pains go completely away.

And I feel perfectly healthy again. And mobile.

I did the dishes, washed the kitchen floor, vacuumed the rugs, polished the tables. Do you need any housework done?

And I slept, because the pills also make me sleepy.

Then I took Lindsay down to the Lake for an unexpected extra run, a special treat she could hardly believe.

And I deeply enjoyed.