Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

I haven't celebrated Birthdays much in recent years. You get to an age when only the milestone birthdays are worth celebrating.

Sixty-seven isn't one of those numbers that screams "Milestone!". Although, given the year I've just had, in an important way it is.

Or, at least my family thinks so. A friend of my daughter's owns an estate in Erin Ontario that she rents out for special occasions. But being a friend, she's letting us have it for the day: Ashlar House

So my family are gathering there to celebrate the passing of the last year and the fact that I have another year to look forward to.

Hopefully a year with less drama attached to it.

So I won't have time to post a Sepia Saturday feature this week, which is a shame because this is the week we finally get to my grandfather, the black sheep in the family.

But I'll get to him next week.

Today I party. In Erin.