Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mall (Part 3 of3) In Which I Confess A Profound Boredom With Myself

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I am becoming profoundly bored with myself.

It seems I can't go anywhere these days without running into me.

We were out at the Mall again yesterday, doing our bit to stimulate the economy, and I turned around and there I was, grinning back at me. I turned away and there I was again, now looking slightly disturbed. I wheeled about and found myself staring into my started eyes from no more than a few feet away.

I was everywhere.

I was inescapable.

"I'm becoming bored with myself," I told Linda.

"You need a new hat," she replied.


"A new hat. You can't keep wearing that same old hat. We need to find you a new one."

"But that's not what I was trying to say," I replied. "There are too many mirrors in Malls these day. I keep seeing myself everywhere."

"In your old hat," said Linda.

"My hat doesn't have anything to do with it."

"You need a new hat to match your new winter coat."

So now I have a new hat.

I'm still everywhere, only I look better.

Drawing courtesy of Photobucket