Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Art of Recycling Tires

TGire Art

Mountains of discarded tires are growing outside every city in North America. Worn out from years of valiant service, unsafe to continue in use, they rest one upon the other and dream of their days on the road.

They remember when their tread was young and they had a grip on reality, when the highways of the nation rolled by beneath them, when distant horizons sped inexorably toward them.

They remember the rain and the sleet and the snow and the moment their youthful grip saved the lives of their passengers.

Now discarded by the millions they wait, their days of youthful service behind them.

But where some see worn out garbage, others see the stuff of Art. A new artistic medium is being born across the Nation. On city streets and in city parks, the art of recycled tires is growing.

Slowly the ugly mounds of discarded tires are becoming things of beauty.

Tire Art is coming into its own with fantastic images.

Can the tires of the nation, that have given us so much heroic service look forward to a new future?

More Tire Art

On a more personal note.

Last Wednesday my wife Linda's 90 year old mother was rushed to Emergency at Centennial Hospital with acute kidney failure. Linda and I spent three days with her amide the organized chaos and pain that is a big city hospital's Emergency department. Two days before they could get a Nephrologist to examine her. Three days before we learned there was little that could be done except make her comfortable and give her meds for her pain.

She has been returned to her nursing home where it is far more peaceful and she is in her own bed among her own things. Where family can visit with her and be with her for a while.

Linda has written a touching tribute at her mother's life at her blog.