Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lindsay gets some Competition

Once upon a time there were three dogs in our extended family. My brother John had a Beau (a sheltie), Keith had Jasper (a cocker spaniel) and, of course, there was Lindsay (the English Springer Spaniel).

Then, five years ago, Beau died and was replaced, to his eternal mortification, by a parrot. Yes a parrot. Named Lola.

And we were down to two dogs.

Then this past Christmas, Jasper died and Lindsay was all alone.

After an appropriate period of mourning, Keith and his wife Lynda (yes we have two Lindas in the family) resisted the urge of parrotdom and returned to their breeder for a new cocker spaniel.

This past weekend they got to meet their new family member for the first time. Poor Sully was theirs by default. All the other purchasers of the new dogs were planning to show them and Sully was considered the least appropriate for show. His colouring is just too light.

However, his colouring is just fine for Keith and Lynda who bonded with him immediately. There is just something about a sleepy cuddly puppy to warm the heart.

There comes a point, Lynda said, when you realize a home is just a box without a dog. A dog is the spirit of a home. It is not the paintings or the furnishings, not the stainless steel fridge or stove, not the Italian marble counter tops, not the view that gives a home its warmth or even its charm.

Its a dog (or a cat or, even, a parrot named Lola). Its the living thing that greets you when you return, cuddles you when you're sad, becomes your fitness instructor getting you out for walks every day, protects you from harm and occasionally poops on the carpet.

Watch out Lindsay. You now have some formidable competition in the cute department. Sully will be joining the family in six weeks.

Happy Earth Day!!