Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fall Of Barry

Linda: (sitting in her chair in the livingroom) What was that noise?
Barry: (in the kitchen) Nothing.
Linda: (alarmed) Did you fall?
Barry: (embarrassed and annoyed) It was my toes.
Linda: (coming into the kitchen) You did fall!
Barry: Yes, but I'm alright. I lost my balance.
Linda: Your balance?
Barry: I saw a spoon on the floor and was reaching for it and lost my balance.
Linda: Because of your toes?
Barry: Because I don't have a lot of feeling left in my toes.
Linda: I thought you said your toes were getting better now you're not on chemo?
Barry: Sometimes I think they are.
Linda: But they're not.
Barry: I think it's too early to tell.
Linda: But you're not hurt?
Barry: No, I'm fine.
Linda: This time. But what about next time.
Barry: I'll just have to be more careful.
Linda: You know I worry about you?
Barry: I know. I'll be more careful. I promise.
Linda: (after a moment's pause) Did you manage to get the spoon?
Barry: (laughs) Yes I got the spoon.