Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Shoot Out Prequel

Take my hand,
I have something to show you.

Yes I know
you can manage on your own
and don't need me for support.

It's me who needs to hold onto you.

The theme for the Friday Shoot Out this week
is Bridges
and that is what we first have to cross,
because it was on the way to photograph bridges
that I made the discovery.

Right after I found
this little stream
that you cross by this single board.

Hold tight now,
my balance
isn't what it was
even a couple of months ago.

What I want to show you
is just on the other side.

a huge beaver dam.
It must be 50' to 60' long
and it has to have been there all winter,
just off the left bank of the Highland Creek.

I can't imaging
the number of hours of beaver labour
that must have gone into creating this.

And just look at the pond they've created.
Isn't it just breath taking?
Well worth a few minutes of your time.

When you step off the beaten path,
not knowing what you'll find.

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