Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foretelling The Future

I've had an offer of some work and I'm not certain what to do about it, since I can't predict the future.

My doctors have looked into the future but their forecasts have been decidedly vague and unhelpful, although they have placed some upper limits on my survival. But the issue isn't whether I'll be around in five years time, it's will I be available in two weeks or a month.

The work involves joining a speakers bureau and being available to lead occasional workshops, something I did routinely when I worked for a living. Leading a workshop, however, means not loosing ones balance and falling down in front of groups of people. It means having the strength to stand for hours at a time. It means not having CT Scans suddenly getting booked at the last minute at a time that conflicts with the workshop and leaving groups of people with no one to lead them.


I would really enjoy presenting the occasional workshop. I'm good at it. I enjoy talking with people. I have a knowledge base that would be a shame not to pass on. It would give me something to do.

It would mean some extra money.

But given my uncertainties, would it be fair to accept this offer?

I think I need a crystal ball.