Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lost Generation

The snow was light but persistent. All the way in to work on the GO Train, I watched it fly past the window, wondering how the day's accumulation would impact on the ride home. The snow was as cold and depressing as the thought of shoveling my driveway again, in the dark, after a long day at the office.

Once I arrived at work, the opposite of cold and depressing grabbed me before I could get my coat off.

"Barry!" Debbi was nearly bouncing with excitement.


"You gotta come and see this," She grabbed me by the arm. "You'll love it. It's so simple but really powerful..."

She dragged me into her office and then went off stalking anyone else foolish enough to have arrived early for work. In the end she only found Rose.

"So what are we here for," I asked. Rose was standing in a puddle and busy brushing large white flakes of snow off the shoulder of her winter coat while looking as puzzled as I.

"This," said Debbi, hitting the play button on a YouTube video....