Sunday, November 8, 2009

+ 1 A Feast Of Pipes

I thought I would finish this little series on Scotland with one thing the previous videos seemed to lack. Whatever that might have been.

"Maybe it was bagpipes", Bonnie suggested. "Yes," my cousin Alan agreed, "bagpipes. We need bagpipes!"

And he even sent me several mpgs suitable for future video soundtracks.

Fortunately, during our 2002 visit to Scotland Linda and I lucked into perfect timing for us to take in the Edinburgh Festival, which began with not one, not two but over a hundred pipers in a massed band. Oh, and canons and fireworks too----

The military bands were stirring but they too lacked something. Maybe some dancers to dress up the music a little. How about a couple of highland dancers? Or maybe a few more? Oh, what the heck, lets make it hundreds of Scottish Dancers too---

Wow! Now that was a show.

Although, it lacked a little something as well. Something primal, tribal. Something that takes us back to the very roots of piping.

But that is something the tribal music of Clann An Drumma (children of the drum) was made to provide. Just listen---

I shot three videos of their music that day and put them up on YouTube where they have collectively been viewed nearly 20,000 times