Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Good News For Once

I am back in the Chemotherapy Daycare Clinic again today, but only got here through some good news.

I'm not used to good news. Every test conducted since I first began treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital has incrementally shown my condition worsening

Its enough to put you off tests all together.

But on Tuesday I was back at the hospital for some blood work to see the impact my first experience with Taxol was having on various organs and especially on my immune system.

Linda and I had been at the hospital for eight oclock for more blood work. And by ten thirty we had been waiting in the treatment room for about fifteen minutes before the oncologist arrived with the results.

For once it seemed I was fine. The oncologist was surprised and delighted, showing us the print out with amazement.

"Your immune system is perfectly normal!" she exclaimed. "Just look at these readings. Perfectly normal, despite all the punishment Taxol should be inflicting on it."

That was the good news. All the effort we had put into changing our diet, my MEDS program, the supplements I was taking, it had all paid off.

"So we can go ahead with the chemo on Thursday as planned," the Oncologist told me. "In fact you are doing so well, I'm adding additional cycles of chemo to your schedule. And I'm giving you the H1N1 shot. Hold still."

"What? Ow!"

"There, your arm may hurt for a day or two."


"It will take ten days before you're fully resistant to H1N1, but with such good immune readings there is no reason to isolate yourself any more. I mean you need to take reasonable precautions. Don't use public transportation if you can help it. Don't visit with people who have contagious diseases. But otherwise get out and enjoy life between Chemo treatments."

So, good news. A step in the right direction.

But the important news will come in mid December when they repeat the CT scan to see what effect this cycle of chemo is having on my various cancer sites.

That's new news I'm waiting for.

As I lie here today with Taxol slowing dripping into my veins, my shoulder hurting from the H1N1 shot.

My reward for keeping my immune system healthy.


Linda, my brother John and myself are back from our day of chemo. The ride there and back was lengthened by the day's pouring rain and slowed traffic.

I am feeling exhausted after 5 hours of chemo and will be unable to respond to your kind and very supportive comments.

I am especially sorry to have missed Totalfeckineejit's party today. I bet it was great!

Knowing I will be feeling stronger and more alert tomorrow, I will attempt to visit all your sites to see what I've been missing.

Linda and I will also be a little late getting our Friday Shootout Posted.

Sorry about that.