Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Comfort Of Hair Loss

This time around,
The Taxol Fact Sheet said,
You will loose your hair,
All of it.

And so I saw the barber,
And I said to him,
I have cancer,
Please shave my head.

He did,
And I had chemo,
And I waited for the rest of my hair
To fall out.

But it didn't,
And I thought,
To myself.

If it can't defeat a hair follicle,
What chance does it have,

Then one day Linda said,
"You know you have
no eyebrows

"And the hair on your head,
Hasn't grown back,
Any of it."

I ran to the mirror,
And it was true,
And more,
And I was comforted.

Secretly in my mind.