Thursday, October 8, 2009

Escape To God's Country--Part 6 The Home Coming

We had a final breakfast at the Rosewood Inn, loaded up the car, checked out of the Grandview Resort and turned the car south to Toronto.

Highway #35 took dramatic turns through massive rock cuts and hillsides alive with Fall colours, even beneath heavy cloud and falling rain. On the way we drove through Dorcet where blogger Lorac writes so eloquently about life at her summer cottage.

We had planned to stop for lunch at Minden, where my daughter's In-Laws have their cottage, but had made excellent time and only paused to take a few photos.

Minden is a beautiful little town on a sleepy river but busy with cottagers closing up for the season.

Instead we drove on to Port Perry. To our surprise the town was overflowing with tourists and we were barely able to find a place to park.

The Front Porch, our favourite restaurant, had a line up out the door, so we ate at an Italian Restaurante down the street.

Which shall remain nameless. The food being expensive and tasteless. Linda's coffee being served in a mug decorated with someone else's lipstick. A disappointing final meal on our vacation.

An hour later we were home and as I inserted my key in the lock of the door I could already hear the waggy tail of a little wet nosed black dog pounding against the doorjam with excitement. Her long wait was over.

We were home.