Sunday, October 18, 2009

So What Are You Doing--Part 5 (Suppliments)

Nancy, the science girl,
has left me a fair warning: "just remember that supplements (if you take any) are not all they're cracked up to be. Often we metabolize something differently if we take a big bolus on its own, versus having that element as an integral part of a meal with many elements."

Indeed, choosing supplements is a risky business and has been the greatest challenge. There are hundreds out there each claiming miraculous cures for cancer. There are juicers and massive doses of vitamins, roots and herbs and teas, reduced calories, fruit pits and poisons all dangling their claims before my desperate eyes.

Maybe some of them work as advertised. Maybe some will kill you faster than the cancer. I'm trying to be judicious.

I was taking Essiac for a while, and even wrote a post in favour of it, but it's a diuretic that sometimes has a profound impact on some people.

I was one of those people and it was beginning to dehydrate me leaving me with stomach pains and aching muscles.

Linda's cousin is good friends with a Naturopathic Doctor who has recommended a Naturopath in my area to advise me further. This is an area where I clearly need some expert advice. I've booked an appointment with her for Friday morning.

The only things I'm taking at the present time are a multi-vitamin, Vitamin D (recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society considering how little sunlight we get here in the Winter), a garlic and mushroom supplement and Advil for its anti-inflammatory properties.