Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--Classics of Childhood

Patty and Reggie Girl pioneered the "My Town" Photo Shoot Out asking us to post photos of our local community every Friday. From a handful of participants it has grown into a world wide phenomenon with over 77 contributors and is now in the capable hands of ChefE, Jen and GingerV.

This week's theme, chosen by Ellisa, is CLASSICS OF CHILDHOOD.

For a comprehensive list and how to join instructions, just click on the camera at bottom of my side panel.

Next weeks theme, suggested by JarieLyn is Park Landscapes.

I live in Toronto, in the Scarborough area of Toronto, in the West Hill area of Scarborough. So West Hill will be the focus of my photos.


Arguably these photos may not be "Classics", but they are undoubtedly antiques by now, which is close to the same thing.

As an Explorer I was always on the go. However, in my English Pram in 1945 I had to wait for Mommy Power to get me moving.

At that age all I could do was dream of being a train engineer.

By the time we had moved to Canada in 1946, I had discovered a love for dogs and was inspired by their freedom to move.

I thought about becoming a farmer and working with massive farm machinery.

I wondered if by being nice to girls they would take me for a ride. And many did. Just not always in ways I had imagined.

Of course I could always rely on my dad and dream of being a fireman.

Or I could just strike out on my own and see what adventure the world had to offer.