Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Lindsay Post Today

Sorry no Lindsay blog today.

I've had a phone call moving my appointment with the hematological oncologist ahead from next Thursday to today. As in, he needs to see me immediately.

And no the secretary can't say why the change or why the urgency.

But my mind, of course, goes immediately to the repeat CT scan and a gamma ray bone scan that I had done at the end of last week, and wonders if the test results have shown any new concerns.

Or maybe the doctor has just decided to go golfing in South Carolina next week and is rescheduling everybody?

I do have a worrying and occasionally intense pain in my side, just below my rib cage on the right. It feels like the "stitch" you get in your side from running. Only it doesn't go away, or hasn't for the past few days now. But it's nowhere near where the cancer is, or was. Maybe I pulled a muscle exercising? Or maybe I danced the Highland Fling once too often at the Willow Manor Ball yesterday? Or was that the "Gay Gordons" I was doing? I always get those two confused.

Well, there is only one way to find out what the doctor has to tell me, and that doesn't leave time to write the Lindsay blog I had planned. So, I'm off to Princess Margaret Hospital. Again.


Look for a "Conversation With Lindsay" here next Wednesday.

And an update on my condition when I get back.