Sunday, May 30, 2010


I see today that I was so excited by Anvils generosity in turning the sheet music of my ancestor into actual music, that the images I chose to accompany the video I posted yesterday were somewhat confusing.

So let me try to straighten out a couple of points.

The 19 year old Alexander Simpson who lost his life in WW I was the son of the man who wrote the waltz. His father, the Alexander Simpson who was the composer of the waltz, lived a good long life living well into his 80's.

The Scottish tradition is to name the oldest son after the father, so there are always two males with the same name in every family--which makes genealogy work very interesting and challenging.

Margaret, the woman to the far right in the family portrait that appears briefly on the screen, is the daughter for whose wedding the waltz was written.

I'm glad so many enjoyed hearing the music as much as I did. While it will never make the hit parade, it is pleasant little tune. It was viewed 64 times yesterday.