Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sepia Saturday--An Unexpected Pleasure

Last week I published a short history of my great grandfather's step brother, Alexander Simpson, poet and musician. The above death cards are for his wife Jane and oldest son Alex, who was killed in WWI.

A noted violinist as well as composer, Alexander composed a waltz for each of his children's weddings and sheet music for one of those waltzes had come down to me. Not being a musician in any way I had often wondered what those waltzes sounded like.

Now I know.

Last night I received this email from fellow blogger ANVILCLOUD:

It's AC here. Last Saturday you posted about Alexander Simpson. You also posted a copy of his composition, Wedding Waltz, and said you had never heard it.

Well, I thought I could help a bit by transposing it into ABC notation and generating computer music. I am attaching an MP3 of a computer trying to sound like a violin. It's computer generated and then recorded back from the computer speakers, so you'll hear some hissing. Sorry about that.

The printed copy was not terribly clear, and I was squinting, so if you wish to compare my version of the score with the original and see if there are errors, I can make necessary changes.

I also hope that you are able to enjoy your weekend somewhat. What a miserable time you are having. I feel for you. Your troubles make mine seem very small. In fact, they make my life seem trouble free. I admire your heroic spirit, Barry.

Using Anvil's work I have hastily put together the following little video. The first time Alexander's Wedding Waltz has been heard in 100 years.

Hope you enjoy it.


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