Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Honored

Author Kathryn Magendie, a friend and frequent commentor on this blog, has sent me a copy of her latest book Secret Graces.

Opening it I discover that not only has she hand-written a very touching inscription, but that the book is dedicated to me, in part. Actually the dedication reads:

In Pride: To My Son & His New Family
In Honor: To Peggie DiBenedetto, Barry Fraser, Stephen Craig Rowe
(and there are many more....) for keeping the light of your smile even when
old bastard cancer tries to take it away

And beyond that, I discover Kat has written me into the book as a one of the characters. Or, at least, one of the characters shares my name and after interacting with the central protagonists of the story hightails it for Canada.

Thank you Kat, I'm deeply honored.

Kat and I have been corresponding since the earliest days of this blog. She is an intelligent, funny, daring, insightful woman and a brilliant writer whose first book, Tender Graces is now the number one best selling book on the Kindle Literary list.

An acclaimed short story author and co-editor/publisher of The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine, she lives in the Smoky Mountains with her husband, two dogs and a ghost dog.

You also might want to skip over to Kat's Blog to wish her well and check out her trailer for Secret Graces below.

Many thanks Kat. You've certain brought a smile to my face with this one!