Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Thoughts On Kindness

I had a wonderful day yesterday at the Ontario Science Centre with my family. We had all come together to tour the Harry Potter Exhibit and to see the OmniMax presentation about the Hubble Space Telescope.

Our grandchildren were astounded by the Harry Potter artifacts from the movie and I got to spend some time resting in Hagrid's massive chair, feet dangling and feeling like a 5 year old.

Although Linda had phoned ahead to ensure wheelchairs were available, by pacing our visit with enough rest stops I was able to manage very well.

Tomorrow is my appointment with my Oncologist for feedback on both my CT and Bone Scans and to find out their recommended changes to my treatment.

Right now I'm feeling very well but I'm also just about to take my first Oxycocet for the day and know that will put me to sleep and leave me groggy for another couple of hours until it's time for my next dose.

But at least I was wide enough awake this morning to find the following short video which will bring a smile to your face, maybe brighten your day, and could even give you a new direction to your life. How cool is that?